5 new age applications that simplifies your business

In today’s business environment, most organizations are trying to take advantage of the readily available tools in the market to improve their business functions and it infrastructure services . As a result, the operational efficiency has improved by leaps and bound, and no organization wants to fall behind the competition by not integrating these tools into its business. Following are the five new age applications that have given businesses a whole new dimension:

E-commerce solutions: With e-commerce solutions, an organization can run a large scale operation with limited resources. It automates the whole process, and thus, the control and procurement of goods from multiple vendors can be done effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner. An organization can easily compare the price of supplies from different vendors and make an informed decision, and the benefit is automatically passed on to the end users.

Dashboard cloud solutions: Dashboard cloud solution helps you access data on the go. It acts as a virtual office where data from multiple sources can be collated into a single dashboard. Dashboard cloud solutions allow an organization to access data from anywhere and analyze them for effective decision making. It’s critical for a business to monitor and analyze data in real time and respond accordingly, as a quick decision at the right time eliminates the possibilities of a financial loss.

Cloud-based power monitoring solution: Cloud-based power monitoring solution performs some crucial functions in the field of solar energy management. It’s an energy monitoring solution that carries out multiple tasks to provide insights into the data and facilitate the vendors to manage their operations more efficiently.

Inventory management solution: Inventory management solution provides comprehensive support to inventory management from a centralized location, including but not limited to inventory movements from warehouses, inventory planning, location tracking, and recording stocks. It can be integrated into multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets so that data can be accessed and managed from anywhere, anytime.

ERP asset management solution: Another application that should be an integral part of your business is asset management solution. Accurate record of inventory, resources, financial data, and virtual infrastructure is vital for an organization to eliminate the risk of an operational hiccup. Like other applications, even asset management solution can be integrated into other devices and accessed from anywhere. ERP asset management solution performs multiple tasks, such as schedule maintenance, compliance, and downtime and warranty management, which makes a business agile and responsive.