ERP Apps in the Singapore Market

Singapore has one of the world’s largest economies. Its GDP consists of many mega scale industries that work to contribute to its ever increasing economy. Such large industries and organizations require an integrated platform for their information to be streamlined, controlled and retrieved. An Enterprise Resource Planning App is such an application that does just that. It integrates all individual departments or sections of an organization within itself to provide the user with a comprehensive information system. Mentioned below are some of the main industrial set ups in Singapore that are using ERP Applications in their systems.

  • The manufacturing sector (main contributor to the GDP)
  • Chemical industry
  • Bio medical sciences
  • Logistics
  • Transport engineering

It is fairly obvious that for a fast-moving economic nation such as Singapore, the use of such applications in streamlining information is of paramount importance.

ERP Apps work on the basic principle of amassing and centralizing the key systems of an organization. The basic systems of an organization are the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Accounts, Finance, Warehouse and the manual information spread sheets. These particular systems although work effectivity individually, do not have any link or connectivity with each other. ERP connects these systems to provide the user with an integrated and incorporated system of information through which in less time the query is solved. The query can be or any nature and can be solved and dealt with the same application.

The basic concept of ERP has been around for almost a century. But, in the older times it was manual and on paper, gradually it evolved to main frame computers. And eventually has moved on, to cloud computing which has changed the game. ERP softwares with cloud computing are high in demand in modern times. The basic idea of this is that data is being provided over the internet. This not only provides the user with a lot of storage but also makes the retrieval of data easy. The ERP systems are portable which means that such a large system can now exist in the palm of your hand, your smartphone and the information has never been more secure from prying eyes. These systems provided a safe and secure data base to the user where sharing of information is involved.

With more and more companies gradually adopting ERP in their systems there has been an obvious increase in their profits. The idea behind ERP is to create efficiency, which in turn lowers extra costs and decreases amount of time involved. This application can be used for any type of business, large or small. The user can choose which type of integration of systems he requires for his business and choose the particular type of ERP system that suits his needs. Not only this, but ERP has given rise to a system that is not chaotic but streamlined with better sales and revenues.

Owning to these qualities many new businesses and organizations now opt for ERP systems to better manage their sectors. It has become the need of the hour because it provides the user with a real time interface with all the different departments of the organization at the same time. A query or a request can be dealt with there and then without any third party involvement.