How Can A Good Kiosk Operation Solution Improve Your Customer Service?

What’s a kiosk?

A kiosk is an independent small structure that either provides valuable information or some service, or both. It can be both manned and unmanned; just as it can be digital or non-digital. An example of a non-digital kiosk would be one located in a public place like a mall where important information such as directions, timings or advertisements is carried. A digital one could be seen at the airport; used for express boarding passes or check-ins.

How does it work?

Since most are unmanned they are completely dependent on advanced technology. A kiosk is as efficient as its Kiosk Operation Solutions which is essentially the software that runs it and its maintenance system.

The purpose of a kiosk is to save the customers’ time and provide them with easy solutions.

Advantages of a kiosk:

-Depending on the purpose it serves, the biggest advantage is perhaps efficient customer service.

-It is a DIY activity. This means that the customer isn’t dependent on another person for information or service.

-It is supposed to provide a quick solution to the customer’s query or to the service the customer is looking for.

However, it backfires when:

-its backend system isn’t efficient or updated regularly

-the interface isn’t able to help the customer navigate through the information provided

-it takes up a lot of the customer’s time either through the navigation process or to provide the end service

Though you might have put the kiosk up to improve your customers’ experience, an inefficient backend system could not only make the experience bad; they are not likely to use the kiosk again and discourage others from using it too.

What a good kiosk Operation Solutions does:

-Takes regular backup and updates

-Ensures the process is as less time consuming as possible

-Provides proper guidance at each step so that even the most technology challenged customer can use it

-Waiting time for the end service is minimal- whether its waiting for tickets, passes or receipts to be printed or provide the actual information the customer is looking for

Presence of a automated collection system to collect data

This ensures that the customers experience is satisfactory and encourages them to use the kiosks service in the future as well.

Therefore, before opting to put up kiosks, you must ensure that you have the most efficient back end system and a user friendly, less time consuming interface.

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